50 Things that bring me JOY.

With all of the hardship and raw emotion I share from having bipolar disorder, I think it is equally important to share the best of days. Share the little things that make me smile. I don’t want someone to read my blog and find that it draws them into their very own dark empathetic place. I want there to be equally uplifting and beautiful moments.
No matter how your day is going, there are always little tid bits of happiness if you look hard enough. Here are 50 of the small things that have brought a smile to my face- a little extra faith in humanity so to speak. 

1. Yesterday, I was setting at a red light and one of my notorious sneezing fits started. When I get to sneezing it is usually a 15-30 sneeze fit. About 12 sneezes in the car beside me gave a light honk. I look over and see this gentleman motioning for me to roll down my window. As soon as I did, he said “Bless you, and 10 more to sneeze on!”

2. The sound of baby giggles.  

3. When someone lets me pull out in traffic. 

4. My kids coming in from outside completely filthy. I know they had the time of their lives. 

5. When the car in front of my pays for my coffee. 

6. When my total at the grocery store is an exact amount.  

7. When I see a family say grace at a restaurant before eating.  

8. When a little boy holds the door open for a stranger with out being told to. 

9. When a man gets out of the car first just to open the door for a woman. 

10. When the grocery store has exactly what I came for- and it’s on sale!

11. When the person in line in front of me has a cart full and insists I go first with my one or two items. 

12. When a friend I haven’t talked to in a while calls just to say hi. 

13. When I’m told there will be a 30+ minute wait at a restaurant and we are called back within 10 minutes. 

14. When I see a much older married couple holding hands- clearly still in love after so many years. 

15. Seeing an older couple sneak a smooch or a pat on the butt. 

16. When I see a family set down for a meal and no one touches their cell phone- including mom and dad. 

17. Seeing a dad baby wearing. 

18. Seeing a mom shamelessly nursing her baby in public the way her body was meant to. 

19. Seeing a plus size woman wear a two piece. Society may think she’s disgusting, but I envy her self confidence and inner beauty to rock that suit!

20. When I fall in love with an unexpected book.

21. When I have exact change for something.  

22. When a toddler hands me a flower from the yard. 

23. When I clean out my girls’ binders and there are multiple “I love mom” papers or pictures of me and them.  

24. Naked little baby butts.  

25. When a child that’s not my own tells me they love me.  

26. When I see one of my girls doing a good deed for someone else. Raising loving and caring little people is incredibly important to me. 

27. When people respectfully pull over for a funeral possession.  

28. When I see an American flag flying in the wind.  

29. When I see a police officer or fire fighter take time to make a child’s day with a simple hug or high five.  

30. When I think I’m out of something and find it in my pantry. 

31. When I see a toddler baby wear or pretend to nurse their baby doll.  

32. Surprisingly getting “sonic ice” from somewhere that’s not sonic. 

33.  When my girls fall asleep in the car after a day of fun with friends. 

34. When I look in the rear view mirror and see my girls holding hands. 

35.  When I catch Carley reading to Kenzie with out being asked to. 

36. When I find Kenzie in bed with Carley in the mornings. 

37. When I get my weekly notification from my phone and it says “your screen time was down X% this week”

38. Kids playing in water puddles. 

39.  When Charles brings me coffee. 

40. Last minute girl’s nights out.  

41.  The look on either of my girls’ faces the moment they learn something new and are so proud of themselves.  

42. Really corny jokes. “What did the red light say to the green light? Don’t look! I’m changing!”

43.  When I’ve spent the day with my kids and get home to find that my battery life on my phone is still above 70%. I know I was present and making memories with them that they will treasure. 

44.  When I find out someone that has struggled with infertility is pregnant.

45.  Several weeks back, I saw a mama cow giving birth in a field. Another cow, I’m assuming a fellow mama, was rubbing her head against the birthing cow as if to say “you’ve got this mama. You’re doing a great job”. 

46. When women and mothers support one another. 

47.  When I find random money in my PayPal, Venmo, washing machine, or dryer. 

48. When I hear someone call it a “hose pipe.”

49.  When my girls play with and love something I played with as a child. 

50. Hugs from my girls.  

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