How to make the most delicious Gluten-Free Pizza

Upon finding out that I had celiac, pizza was not a food that I immediately began to mourn. Surprisingly enough, it was junk like Captain D’s and Taco Bell that first crossed my mind. I had been eating pretty low carb for the months leading up to my diagnosis. I just took it one step further and excluded ALL gluten from my diet. 

Once we found out Carley was gluten intolerant, every thing changed. I couldn’t pack her sandwiches anymore for lunch at first. Her beloved gold fishes were now gone, and pepperoni with ritz were a thing of the past.

One of carley’s Favorite places to eat is CiCi’s pizza. She loves the pepperoni and sausage, while I crave their buffalo chicken. Her heart sank a little when she realized that Cici’s was not a place we can safely eat anymore.
As usual, I was determined to find a suitable homemade replacement. We tried many store bought crusts- some were disgusting cardboard. Others were mildly edible and all were insanely over priced.  

Eventually, all of my research brought me to “Fathead Dough” and man was this a game changer. Not only do we make family size pizzas with it, it’s perfect for freezing individually to make a small pizza for one, a calzone to share, or even bread sticks. Even if we weren’t gluten free, this is a recipe my family would love. It is the easiest crust I’ve ever made, with no rise time.  Start to finish your entire pizza (if you have toppings cooked/chopped and ready to go) can easily be on the table in 30 minutes.

Charles has been the hardest to get on board with a completely gluten free home. He still goes to lunch with the guys occasionally or they all order Pizza Hut and split a couple of pies. One of the things he loves the most is stuffed crust.

So of course, I decided to surprise him last night with our very own stuffed crust fathead gluten free delicious pizza!  After the dough was rolled out, I sliced string cheese into strips and lined the dough. I then ucked the edges over the cheese to encase it. Finally, I proceeded as normal with my usual toppings. We love pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, and black olives on our home made pizza. The stuffed crust was a hit with everyone. Even Kenzie, who never eats her crust, said it tasted like her pizza ate a cheese stick- whatever that means in 5 year old terms. I’ll take that as a win!

There are several versions of fathead dough. The one we have found that we love the most is a saved screen shot from Pinterest, as the picture didn’t send us to a link. 

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