How we home school during the summer

I saw the best t-shirt on Pinterest last month during my end of the year teacher gift hunt. It said “Tag parents, you’re it” – sincerely, teachers everywhere.

This got me thinking about what exactly I’m going to do with my girls over the summer to engage their minds and help them prepare for 1st and 4th grade. Several of my friends home school their kiddos. I reached out to all of them and the responses were pretty unanimous. Everyone recommended 

At just $19.99 a month, I figured it couldn’t hurt but to try it.

After about 24 hours in here are my pros:
1. It is super easy to navigate. 2. I love that just because you select, say 3rd grade, if it is too difficult or too easy in any category, all you have to do is click the next or previous grade level. You aren’t stuck with what you choose. 3. You can be on 1st grade for math, 2nd for science, and 3rd for reading. It is fully customizable to give your child the most grade-level accurate needs for them specifically.   4. For kindergarten, everything is explained really well. Each lesson is read aloud to them. 5. If they miss a question, it is clearly and grade level appropriately explained as to why they missed it so that they can learn from their mistakes. 6. There is even an option to add on foreign languages. We will be doing this for Carley once she’s a little older. 7. I love that each child has her own account she logs in to, and I have a parent account I log in to that lets me view both of their accounts. It gives me an easy way to overview how they are doing, while giving them a sense of independence with their own accounts.

Cons: 1. I wish there was a placement test to see where your child belongs. You kind of have to guess and play with it a bit to see which level you are for every subject. 2. My kindergardener cannot read, yet. It would be nice if the quiz read aloud the questions just as the lessons and practice questions do. 3. I wish it were more tablet friendly. Kenzie doesn’t have her own laptop, yet. She has a case-protected tablet. It makes me a little nervous with her having to use my unprotected laptop.

Kenzie is currently on everything kindergarten level. Carley is on everything 4th grade. I will post again at the end of summer with a full update of what we thought about it completely and whether it helped either or both girls. 

8 thoughts on “How we home school during the summer

  1. We do something similar for the summer. At first I thought, “let kids be kids!” but you really don’t have to do too much school-related activities each week for it to really pay off!

  2. This sounds so awesome!! With the kids home all summer, this would be a great way to prevent that summer slump…checking it out!

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