Taking a Mental Health Day

Yesterday was a rough one. Do you ever feel that no matter how much you slap a fake smile on your face and go through your “pick me up” list of things that pull you from your funk, that everything still continues to snow ball you into that dark place where you hate yourself for being?
That was me yesterday. I jammed out to happy music, I scrolled Pinterest, I tried to absorb myself into a book I’ve been dying to start, I even tried writing this post while I was in the moment. Nothing helped. 
Today, I woke up better, but still in a bit of a funk. I took my steps, yesterday. I haven’t skipped my meds any. I’ve been doing everything right. Why did I have such a rough day? Why am I still partially in this funk?

Life… that’s why. It doesn’t matter if you are bipolar or not. Life happens. You forget things, plans fall through, things (big and small) go wrong. And there is nothing you can do about it, right? Wrong

You can take a mental health day.

If you were having a bad period day what would you do? You would be gentle with yourself, take a hot shower, maybe use a heating pad or take some mydol.

Mental health days are no different. So today, I was gentle with myself. I laid in the tub with only a candle to see until my warm bath was cold and my fingers were pruned. I vegged out on the couch and watched hours of Netflix to the point of being asked twice if I was still watching or not. I changed our dinner plans from cooking for my family, to ordering in. I didn’t do the dishes, and I’m not sweeping my floors.

If your go-to pick me ups just aren’t cutting it, maybe you need more than a pick me up. Give yourself a day. Do what gets you through. Mourn your happiness, cry if you need to, and don’t for a second regret it or give yourself a hard time.

Then go right back to being the amazingly strong person you are the next day!

I’m not 100% back, but giving myself the day with out feeling bad about it was just what I needed. 

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